Merchandising Service

Merchandising is the methods, practices, and operations used to maximise sales by ensuring physical presentation of products and displays are maintained to the highest possible level

Pat Jones & Associates employs a full time Merchandising Support Team, working to achieve results by regular sales and training meetings. Supported by an experienced management team, Pat Jones & Associates offers an unrivalled merchandising service to the retail industry.

Improved products offering to the consumer
Line Plan Compliance
Increased stock turn for both retailer and supplier
Checking and correcting database anomalies
Optimise seasonal and promotional sales
Manage Point of Sale Campaigns

Physical Merchandising

You cannot audit a fixture without physically working it first.

Check all stock is merchandised correct to line plan
All products are in a saleable condition
Overstock is worked onto the fixture
Displays and POS checked, maintained or replaced

Stock Audit

"Why is it not available for sale? "

After physical merchandising a stock audit of the fixture is completed to check Missing, Low and High stock levels. Items recorded are checked against the retailer’s computer system for issues that may result in stock not being made available at point of purchase.

Point of Sale

"About 70% of Brand decisions are made in-store. That is, you might not make the decision to buy breakfast cereal when you're in the store, it was probably on your list before you arrived, but you are likely to decide between Cheerios’ and Special K. "

All Supplier and retailer point of sale and merchandising equipment is checked, repaired or replaced during all merchandising visits to deliver a high standard of physical presentation.

Brand Representative

"Physical representative of your company "

Often store staff have questions and requests that too often get brushed aside because they no one to speak with. Our merchandiser is your brand representative who often gets valued feedback and requests from the people who sell your products.

Live Reporting

"We never underestimate the importance of communication "

Our Merchandising Support Team share, contribute and build a powerful database by reporting live on our bespoke mobile software.

Review previous visits
Answer key account questions
Report product issues in detail
Order equipment & POS
Confirm ranges
Email report direct to stores
client Bemis Europe (suppliers of toilet seats) client Eliza Tinsley (suppliers of Chain & Rope) client of Plasti-Kote (suppliers of Spray Paint) DIY Retailer B&Q Crafts Retailer Hobbycraft DIY Retailer Homebase DIY Retailer Robert Dyas Homewares Retailer The Range