Range Review

"To increase like for like sales by changing product ranges and merchandising strategies to meet new demands and trends, often with the introduction of entirely new products to the market. "

Comprehensive Project Management
Established Project Team
Adaptive working hours / day, twilight, night shifts
Stock Exit Collection, Sorting & Grading
Delivering Stock, Equipment, Point of Sale
Detailed Mapping / Surveys

Project Management

“Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals ”

Pat Jones & Associates contract a flexible Project Merchandising Team, led by experienced team leaders, with understanding of small, complex and large Range Reviews, merchandising principles and equipment strip and rebuild.

With a flexible vehicle fleet, forklifting and expandable storage facilities we offer a complete Range Review package. We prefer to manage POS and Equipment for all projects so teams can proceed without hindrance.

We’re too honest. If we cannot supply the expected level of experienced team leaders and merchandisers to meet the expectations of a project: we will decline. Our reputation of bringing home Range Reviews, on budget, on time and customer satisfaction is important to us.


“Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance. “

If this stage is not performed well, it is unlikely that the project will be successful in meeting the business’ needs.

Regular site visits, meetings with suppliers, merchandising team, equipment and POS manufacturers ensures the Range Review can be delivered. When considered necessary we complete full estate surveys too foresee and address all potential issues before the project commences.

We invest many hours to ensure our project teams have a full understanding of the project and work to a clearly defined critical path. When it is not possible to complete trial stores, we brief on-site in small groups.

Working Line Plans

We create Working Line Plans to ensure our project teams can work efficiently.

Exact placement of POS and non-standard equipment
Readable on one page
Clear special instructions
Reverse flow versions

Monitoring and Control

When a Range Review starts, we pride ourselves on delivering “Silent Reviews”. We support our teams 24/7 as well as strategic positioning to support each other should issues arise. Daily reporting of issues and weekly reports keep everyone in the picture.

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